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Skinbase Microdermabrasion Facial


What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a system of intense exfoliation and resurfacing using ultra fine crystals that rejuvenate the skin. The crystals work as a gentle abrasive on the skin to remove dead skin cells layer by layer. The irregular shape of the crystals helps to work on hard to reach areas, without causing any damage to the skin.

The vacuum action of the machine stimulates the circulation and promotes increased blood flow to the area. The production of collagen and elastin is stimulated, which results in a firmer, more youthful looking skin.


   How does the SkinBase microdermabrasion treatment work?

       Questions and Answers

1.    What are the benefits of using Microdermabrasion over other methods of treatment?

There is minimal discomfort experienced during a microdermabrasion treatment and the client is able to carry on with their normal day afterwards. Crystal microdermabrasion uses a completely inert and sterile compound with zero risk of allergic reaction.

2.     Is Microdermabrasion safe on all skin types?

 Yes, microdermabrasion can be used for all skin types on all areas of the body  and face.

3.     How many treatments should i have?

 FaceforLife recommends a course of 8, people with acne or acne scarring might  need more treatments and we recommend a monthly maintenance treatment after  your course has finished as this will help to maintain the results achieved.

4.     How often should i have a treatment?

 Treatments are usually performed every 7 days.

5.     Are there any side effects?

 After the treatment, the skin may feel tight with mild redness but these effects  normally subside within 24 hours of treatment. It is important to use a good  moisturiser.

6.     What skin conditions can Microdermabrasion be used to treat?

 Anyone would benefit from microdermabrasion treatment. It improves the overall  appearance of the skin giving skin a healthy glow and youthful appearance.  Microdermabrasion is also extremely effective at treating a number of skin  problems.


 Acne & Acne Scarring.

Microdermabrasion works by removing the top layers of dead skin cells from the skin’s surface making it particularly effective in treating acne. Eliminating dead skin cells unclogs pores and minimises sebum production thus reducing the chance of new spots developing.

Fine lines & Wrinkles - Ageing Skin.

As we age elastin and collagen production starts to slow down. The vacuum action of the microdermabrasion treatment however, works to stimulate bloodflow, promoting elastin and collagen stimulation. The combination of collagen stimulation and increased skin renewal will improve the condition of the skin’s surface smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

Dull & Tired Skin, Dry & Dehydrated Skin, Uneven Skin Tone.

Normally skin renews itself approximately every 28 days. By removing the dead cells from the top layers of skin, microdermabrasion speeds up the rate at which the skin would normally renew itself revealing new, fresh skin and giving a radiant glow.

Pigmentation & Blemishes

Microdermabrasion can vastly improve the appearance of pigmentation and stretch marks. The microdermabrasion treatment promotes a 'lifting and smoothing' effect, improving skin condition and diminishing the appearance of stretch marks and discolouration.

Treatment Process

Your therapist will carry out a full skin analysis and devise a treatment plan for you.

Firstly, they will check there are no serious contraindications that would prevent you from having treatment. Your therapist will also look for any minor contraindications.

To begin treatment, your therapist will cleanse the skin. Your therapist will establish areas to be targeted: uneven skintone, open pores, comedones, fine lines and wrinkles for example.

Your therapist will carry out 20 minutes of microdermabrasion treatment to the face and neck, concentrating on any problematic areas

To conclude the treatment the therapist will moisturise the face and neck with a moisturiser suitable to your skin type.


What is the "FaceforLife" course?


FaceforLife is a holistic approach to skin rejuvenation. Where other treatments focus purely on the topical applications to the skin, FaceforLife goes so much further. Maintaining your skin’s health is as much about what you put into your body, as it is about what you apply to the outside.

The FaceforLife programme has 8 rules for 8 weeks. If you stick to the 8 simple rules you will be full of energy and vitality. You will be functioning better on the inside and before long this will be reflected on the outside.

At the beginning of the first week your FaceforLife therapist will take a photograph of your face, which will go into your journal. After the final treatment, your therapist will take another photograph to attach to your final diary entry. This will show the full change in appearance that has occurred over the 8 weeks.

8 Rules For 8 Weeks!!!

1. Drink 1.5 Litres of mineral water per day

2. No tea or coffee after Lunch

3. Breakfast everyday on either porridge, fruit/yoghurt/smoothie or 2/3 pieces of fruit

4. Beyond breakfast eat what you would usually eat, however replace
any white refined carbohydrates with brown unrefined carbohydrates

5. Avoid cigarettes

6. Avoid alcohol consumption

7. Exercise for 25 minutes 3 times a week

8. Follow a simple daily skincare routine, cleansing and moisturising according to your skin type. 

    Microdermabrasion - BEFORE and AFTER Photo's

To monitor the changes over a course of treatment some of our clients have taken before and after pictures of their SkinBase treatment. As you can see the results have been remarkable.

Before & Afters

Hannah Slater

"To say it was a shock to get melasma at just 24 is an understatement. My confidence dropped significantly and I became fixated that people were looking at the pigmentation on my forehead"

Before Photo

"After just four treatments there was a really big difference and now after six it's completely gone. I now recommend The SkinBase Facial™ to everybody."

After Photo

Angela Wainwright

"I'd had bad skin since I can remember, I exacerbated the problem by piling on make up and generally picking at breakouts. People who have never suffered from bad skin don't realise how debilitating it can be. After spending hundreds of pounds on make up, I was desperate to find a solution that worked. "

Before Photo

"The SkinBase Facials™ have made such a vast improvement to my skin that wearing foundation has for the first time in many years become a choice rather than a necessity, I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that the treatments have made such a huge improvement to my skin. I feel amazing."

After Photo


*For the best results a course of 8 is recommended with 7-10 day intervals*

Express Treatment (half hour)....   £40.00
Deluxe Treatment (50 minutes).... £55.00

Book a course of 3 (half hour treatments) - £105.00 (Saving £15)

Book a course of 6 (half hour treatments) - £180.00 (Saving £60)


Book the recommended course of 8 (half hour) treatments for the price of 6 - £230  (saving £90)




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